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d_osborn wrote: June 11th, 2023, 6:46 am Seems to be a few years old but a GREAT listen! Thanks for posting!
Yeah definitely a cool interview. Richard was also great in the Light & Magic series on Disney+.

I really miss that old style of effects sometimes. It’s a shame it’s all been usurped by CGI. It’s like animation. Handrawn cell animation still has its place.

I know it would never happen but my ideal Ghostbusters sequel would use photochemical processes only. I just love the look of matte paintings and models and miniatures, cloud tanks and cel animation. Digital has its place for sure. But sometimes, it has too clean of a look. I think the aesthetic Richard created for Poltergeist and finessed on Ghostbusters is still the best look for spirits and phantasms. There’s something about the analog the lends itself to ghostly images. Those whispy details. Digital it’s almost like…you can see too much detail or something.

I think I’ve said this before but for some reason the proton beam effect just looks better to me in GB1 and GB2. In GB16 and GBA(which was close but still not as good) I feel like it was too busy. The simple elegance of the rubberized light works best for me.
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