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By azza200
Does anyone know what scenes were included in that early edit of the film when it was shown to the preview audiences?. As i am very interested to know what additional scenes were shown in those preview cuts as it must of been very different to the final released version. As we know there is a lot of deleted footage in the vaults of Sony

They released an early preview cut of GB i hope they do the same for GB2 in a future re-re-release as we could finally see some holy grail cut scenes and alternate scenes in that cut.
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By Kingpin
I'd be willing to bet that the deleted scenes that were included on the Ultimate Collection might've come from a workprint of GBII; the original version of World of the Psychic, the extended material of the guys approaching First Avenue with Dana, the nearly-finished scene of Louis using a Proton Pack against Slimer, the original version of the guys trying to get Venkman to join them in the train/slime tunnels, the additional material of the guys in Parkview, Sherman Tully's scene with Louis, the scenes of Hardemeyer and Lenny outside of the Museum, and the shorter battle with Vigo (including where he holds Ray hostage, rather than possesses him).
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By mrmichaelt
I really hope Sheldon Kahn has it on a tape in a random box in his house like the GBI print, lol.

Did they test screen it after Reitman did more filming in '89? GB2 was literally down to the wire. Like the scene where Lenny mentions he spoke to the ghost of Fiorella La Guardia was shot 4 weeks before the theatrical premiere.

And in Cinefex #40, on page 25, the late Michael Gross said, "We had the slime and Vigo and the ghosts that appear in New York, but we needed to tie them together better--at least that's what our early preview audience told us after our first cut. In fact, many people did not even understand the concept of good slime and bad slime originally, so we decided to reshoot part of that as well." I'm curious if there might be 2 different work prints in play here.

It's just mind boggling. GB1 aside, even GB2 - you think you've seen everything. Then you're randomly listening to an episode of Extraplam and the guest Austin Young jokes about the Topps card where Dana is in a robe instead of a towel when Peter charms her into a dinner date.
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By azza200
There must be a workprint of one or two of the early cuts with missing footage we have not seen yet or even know about. The liberty island scene i would really like to see in the full we know its shot as its closing shot of GB2 also all the Sherman Tully scenes the full scenes from the montage the full central park footage of the runner. We have a lot of alternate scenes which are different takes to what ended up in the final cut. What i would really like is to see the full scenes outside the slim covered museum in sequence. As they way they have done them as separate "scenes" is silly as its all technically one sequence too where Jack kills himself by walking into it.

We know they did a test screening with the original ending with the ceremony on Liberty ending. So that ending scene is still hidden in Sony's vault
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By Gbustersfan
Unfortunately, I don't know what scenes were included in the early edit of the film. However, I do know that there are some deleted scenes that have been released on the DVD and Blu-ray releases of the film. These include an alternate opening sequence, an alternate ending, and some additional scenes that were cut from the final version.
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By azza200
Yeah i own that release with those newly released GB 2 deleted scenes We know Sony are sitting on the Eugene Levy scene of the ghostbusters leaving the psychiatric ward as it is shown in a few BTS promo clips. The Ray possessed footage. I wonder if any of those were shown in the first few test screenings or later screenings before the release date

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