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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for "Videobob" also known as "tcbtexas" on eBay, Real name: Robert "Bob" Moseley.

Please leave feedback for this person if you have completed a transaction with them recently. Remember to keep things factual and relavent to the discussion. Do not comment if you do not have a reason to (ex. you haven't had a transcation with them), and remember once a comment is submitted you will not be able to edit it. We also do not remove feedback unless it violates a rule, so do not be afraid to leave an honest opinion!

Current Status: Banned / Blacklisted for Theft.

Videobob has been permanently banned and blacklisted for recasting Proton Pack shells purchased from another banned and blacklisted member. He should be avoided at all costs, and sellers should not sell to him if they want to avoid being ripped off.

Known Aliases
Robert Moseley
Bob Moseley
tcbtexas (eBay account)
rcmsales (eBay account)
bobs_prop_shop (eBay account)
Bob's Prop Shop
Screen Machines (TV Show on Reelz)

Known Associates
Raine Moreno (AKA trendkiller, AKA recastrelics, AKA Stark's Prop Shop)
Kelsey Hayes (AKA Propcrazed)
Thiago Nascimento (AKA GBFreak83)
Max-Olivier Michel (AKA Languages, AKA guimauve) - A past associate, who may still be collaborating.

March 23rd, 2012: Videobob is caught recasting MMM's HGA and selling them for 160% the price. After we exposed this, Videobob made a replacement out of cardboard and hot melt glue and claimed he was reselling a used item.
May 25th, 2012: Videbob is caught recasting KCGhostbusters' Bumper and selling them for $5 less than KCGhostbusters on eBay. Undercutting KCGhostbuster. He used an alterative eBay account "rcmsales" to get around eBay blocks to make the purchase.
July 15th, 2012: Videobob copies the reference photos taken by Vincenco330 and claims them as his own.
July 30th, 2012: Videobob responds to a DMCA takedown notice on the photos and claims under perjury that he owns Vincenzo330's photos.
October 2012: Videobob starts using Propcrazed's Proton Guns. They are recast from parts by KCGhostbuster and MMM.
Late 2012: Videobob makes a new shell mold and includes "FUAJ" into the castings.
March 2, 2013: Videobob contacts "ThrowingChicken" and expresses his intent to recast ThrowingChicken's Proton Gun if he doesn't sell them to Videobob.
June 2014: Videobob sells a DeLorean replica to a user named Adam Kontras. Videobob steals a box of parts from the DeLorean among other transgressions.
Sept 2014: Videobob issues a challenge to other builders to compare their products with his own. Upon acceptance, Videobob immediately rescinds the challenge. He threatens anyone that comes near him and states that he is always armed.

Thread Index
Page 1 - Video's and information about the recast pack shells.
Page 2 - Recast MMM Parts
Page 3 - Recast KCGhostbuster Bumper
Page 4 - Recast KC Bumper Cont., DMCA Takedown, Feekback Threats, Perjury
Page 5 - Recast Thrower, Threats to ThrowinChicken
Page 6 - Adam Kontras DeLorean Dispute, OKC Challenge / Threats
Videobob has been banned for recasting. He is selling poorly made, overpriced copies of a Proton Pack shell on eBay under the username tcbtexas. He is a known recaster of Back to the Future props and is already banned on several other forums.

He is also supplying false information about the origin of the shells and has been name-dropping Venkman71, with whom he has ABSOLUTELY no relationship.

Do not fooled by this con-artist and avoid him at all costs.

For more information on videobob and other sellers to avoid please see the "blacklisted sellers" thread - ... 822#p55822
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By AJ Quick
I'd just like to point out a few things that were mentioned in the video. As VinC has mentioned, I am perfectly willing to answer any questions anyone may have about what Videobob said. The most damning of stuff of course was just not true.

Videobob's claim that I told eBay that I owned Ghostbusters is not true. You can even read the reason eBay listed off his screen in the video. Videobob was using images taken directly from GBFans in his auction. I requested eBay to take the auction down for using them without permission. Here is a snippit from the VeRO report sent to eBay.


All I did was told eBay that he was using our images, the watermark was in the corner... they verified that and removed the auction. Standard procedure with eBay.

The second thing I would like to debunk is the fact that he said I required him to have a $50 Gold Supporting Membership. This is the one and only correspondance I have had with Videobob recently. (He has ofcourse recieved other notices from GBFans Moderators and the banned message on behalf of Ghostbusters Fans).


Everyone already knew I was the queen mother of all douchebags. :wink:
By venkman71
I could strangle Ross AND Thiago for dragging this into my life.

There's a lot of selected things he's showing on screen. The PM's he's sent me PEIODICALLY OVER THE COURSE OF MANY MONTHS were all to do with personal altercations, Delorean related stuff etc.

Not friendly banter as he makes it sound.

I was PM'ing back and forth for two days while I was at the Reno air show trying to sort out this shell crap which has been dragging on for MONTHS.

I dunno how many more times I can ask to NOT BE DRAGGED INTO THIS and now I'm the center of some twisted spin campaign.

Gentlemen,.... I'm returning to my shop.

No good deed,....

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By AJ Quick
gEkX wrote:What i don't understand is why would he say Vinny is ripping people off and then sell shells for $500?
Its the part he is hoping people don't notice by claiming they are real Universal cast packs.

Here is the lineage as I understand it.

-Ghostbusters 2 Mold (Same one used to make the stunt packs for GB2, molded off of a GB1 Proton Pack).
-Produced a Shell to be cast professionally (with permission) to create packs for Universal Studios. (New Mold Created.)
-Pack Shells were created from a Universal Shell. (Perhaps from another mold).
-HMS got either castings, or made a mold and more castings.
-HMS had a parking lot sale and sold one of their shells to Ross Arbuckle (A user who has been banned from GBFans for probably 2 years now).
-Ross Arbuckle created a new mold and made new castings (recasting).
-One of those castings was sold to "GBFreek" Thiago (another member who has been banned for several years).
-Thiago sold the shell casting to VideoBob.

Videobob took the shell to a fiberglass company who made a new mold to make NEW castings off of the casting Videobob BOUGHT from Thiago (who bought it from Ross).

(There may be some errors in the linage between Universal and HMS... but the first and last parts of the linage are absolutely correct. From buying the pack at HMS onward, and as far as I know the GB2 casting.)

Videobob is selling a recast of a recast, which may or may have not been recast, which was cast (notice I don't say recast here) professionally for Universal Studios (who obtained rights and permission), which casted the shell from a casting of a GB1 pack made for Ghostbusters 2.

So Videobob has a 4/5th generation Proton Pack that has been recast several times and is now trying to sell recast copies of. He is under the impression though that since it is a warped copy of a copy of a copy of a screen used Proton Pack that it falls under the category of "OK" to make castings of. This came under question recently on the RPF where he was summarily banned for the discussion.
By JoeLuna33
And he has very craftily reposted his recasted shell on ebay. No mention of people named before. Or stolen pictures from GBfans or GBprops.

*Link Removed. Not Allowed.*

Sorry if this is a no no, but its just to further reinforce the fact that he is a no good douche bag , to steal his favorite put down.
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By AJ Quick
Hey guys. I know we like to have reference to the eBay auctions... but we cannot be posting links to them. This is just a way to promote them. I know you guys aren't doing it intentionally. But yet. The auctions he has posted are of recasted shells.

He claims in the auction they are recast, while using delicate wording.
We have faithfully reproduced this original production made shell and have made it available to the public.
I don't know how something can be a "reproduced original"? Especially when he recast a shell that was a recast of a shell, which was casted off of a cast of an original.

He later goes on to say:
this IS a real production made shell, NOT A FAN MADE REPLICA!
That's true. He is clearly not a fan. :lol:
By jackdoud
The shell itself doesn't even have a direct lineage to a production mold. The only "original" part is the N-filter which was taken off and cast seperately. HMS did not disassemble the rest of the pack they were given to cast shells, they took direct measurements and created an entirely new buck to cast from. At least that's the info I was told and it makes sense to me.
By proptronix
Videobob is claiming that because a screen used pack is somewhere in the lineage that makes it ok to recast. Somehow the recast rules only apply to fan made products. I am curious where he got this idea. My understanding of recasting is it is perfectly acceptable IF you have permission from the original sculptor. If the mold that Videobob is using here originally came from Sony, then the only way that recasting it would be ok is if he had permission from Sony. Am I missing anything here?
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By ThrowingChicken
It should be noted that is not the only entity that has a problem with this practice. The RPF also told Videobob that they considered this pack an unauthorized recast and forbid him from selling it on their forum. Since THE RPF changed their rules to make it so that members selling on another forum or eBay would be held to the same standards as those selling on their forum, he is likely now infringed on that rule and could probably be banned from The RPF as well.

I don't really know much about this Videobob fella. I have heard the story on the lineage of the pack and it jives pretty much with what Jack said. I've also heard that quite a few people are hesitant to say anything openly about this for fear of retribution from other entities since the original shell sold to Ross should have never been in existence either. Anyway, there are some obvious lies/half-truths/fabrications in the Youtube videos posted by Videobob, made clear enough by freeze framing a few scenes and actually reading what he has on his screen, not to mention Sean's post above. I don't know how far this guy will take this (for all you know, he believes what he is saying), so it would probably be wise of someone to rip the Youtube video to hold onto it just in case.
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By ThrowingChicken
ThrowingChicken wrote:Since THE RPF changed their rules to make it so that members selling on another forum or eBay would be held to the same standards as those selling on their forum, he is likely now infringed on that rule and could probably be banned from The RPF as well.
Just checked into it, he actually is already is banned from The RPF for recasting. I'll say it again, he is banned from the largest prop making site on the web over this issue, a site that is not affiliated with and often butts heads with the show runners here at GBFans.
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By Vincenzo330
Ok, sorry I haven't commented again sooner, I have a friend from out of town staying with me so I haven't been on the intarwebs a whole bunch since this nonsense started.

I'd like to bring my side of all this to the table, I thought about making a video response but I'm sure that Bob won't allow it as a response so it's not really worth it. Besides anyone who actually cares about this whole ordeal is already reading this thread so let's just go with what works. This is probably going to be a long post but I'm going to try to cover everything that's been discussed so far.

My interactions with Videobob started a few months back when he posted an interest thread over on the RPF. Just as he's been doing on eBay and in his youtube videos he's been non-stop name-dropping Sean to garner credibility and that bothered me to no end.

Sean has been a friend and mentor since I've been involved with this community. He's basically the guy who taught me everything I know about prop making. I hate to think that my being protective of him is what caused all of this to spiral so out of control but it appears as though that might be the case.

All Sean wants is to be left out of this mess and here I am mentioning him again, so I know that might be slightly counter-productive and for that I apologize. Being the selfless person that he is, Sean did a favor for someone we know who made some bad choices. Those bad choices led to one of these shells ending up in the hands of Thiago Nascimento, who is a known recaster and was ousted from our community long ago. As a funny aside, the shell that was sent to Thiago was of very poor quality, it had massive warping and cracks in the finish. That particular shell was a reject casting and Thiago still paid $700 for it. It is nowhere near the quality of others to come from that mold.

Thiago got himself into some monetary troubles and sold the Shell to Bob. Bob immediately started brainstorming on how to turn a profit so he started gauging interest in the shells on the RPF. Because of the nature of the shell it was deemed recasting (rightly so) and the RPF staff locked his thread and told him that he would not be allowed to sell them.

Bob, being Bob, went ahead and started a SECOND thread within a few hours, again trying to sell these shells. As he blatantly disregarded the rules of the RPF and made it very clear that he had every intention of recasting the shells regardless of what anyone said he was banned.

Bob has been banned from various other prop making websites and is a known scumbag in the Back to the Future world so when he started making his posts on here I sent him the following message.
Vincenzo330 wrote: Hello VideoBob,

I'm writing to let you know that I am aware of what you are trying to do. You are obviously trying to get your post count up so that you can sell the shell that you purchased from Thiago. I'd like to let you know that that is never going to happen. You will not be allowed to sell or post ANYTHING about that shell here.

You are on permanent post approval which means that all of your posts here will have to be approved by a moderator before they will appear. All of the moderators are aware of your motivations. If you attempt to post anything related to the shell that you have you will be banned. If you try to use any of your friends as a proxy to sell it they will also be banned. This is your one and only warning.

If you'd like to know why this is happening, it's because of your etiquette or lack thereof.

You have gone out of your way to drag Sean Bishop's name through the dirt in your RPF threads and eBay auction. Sean is one of the most respected people in this community and I won't have you sully his name by inferred association with you.

We are all aware of your activities in the BTTF community as well and we DO NOT take kindly to recasters here.

As I said, this is your one and only warning. DO NOT make waves or you will be promptly removed.

Was it a bit harsh? Sure. Was I flexing my moderator muscles a bit? Yeah, a bit. But the fact remains that he does not own the rights to that shell and has no right to be making copies. Even having him discuss them would just be a way for him to point people to his eBay auctions and that is what I was trying to prevent. And it's not like the existence of the shells are a big secret, you've all seen pchrisbosh1's build ... =2&t=24965 and Ross's "For Sale" Thread is still active on the RPF (though extremely over-priced). I only intended to stop Videobob specifically from becoming a seller here as it would only eventually lead to trouble. Plain and simple, he is not a savory character to deal with.

Now, here's where I probably do look like a hypocrite... I SELL SHELLS. Yes, I do. I sell shells WITH PERMISSION from the original builder who is very much still active here on the forums. He is aware of everything that I do and if the day comes when I no longer have his blessing to offer shells then I will simply stop.

Regardless of what Bob will have you believe, my motivation is not money. I am not the only seller of shells here and as a matter of fact I have been extremely supportive of the 3 or 4 others who do so. Feel free to ask any one of them, I've discussed many aspects of the process with all of them. We have traded tips and tricks back and forth and I talk to a few of them regularly via phone and text outside of the boards. I have something called RESPECT, it's something that Bob greatly lacks.

I have poured my heart and soul into this community and I will continue to do so no matter what. The videobobs of the world will come and go and I'll still be here.

What I find funny is that Bob chose to call me out because of my "$20,000.00" in potential sales. If you watch his video he states very clearly that he has every intention of "selling 100 shells" and at his $500 price tag... well you do the math. His videos are nothing but infomercials to promote his website and peddle his wares. He did the same thing in the Back to the Future world and after he's used up Ghostbusters he'll move on to something else and set up shop.

There is something else I'd like to address which I find hilarious

Thiago and Raine are actually the ones doing all the work, this guy has never gotten his hands dirty in his life. He hires all of the work out on his time machine builds and any other props that he's "working" on.

Here's a little glimpse into the kind of people that you're dealing with...


Do you guys notice anything familiar about the type of mold that they're using? It's almost like we've seen that technique before... ... =2&t=24754

Plain and simple, Bob is not a prop-builder, he is a poacher. The youtube videos that he's been posting are full of lies and he's attempting to spin the truth to make himself look like some kind of White Knight. He is self-projecting in the truest sense. In his video he mentioned the "problems that he's run into" in the Back to the Future world, the problem is that he is a thief and recaster, people don't take very kindly to that.

I have no problem posting in full, all of my interactions with Bob or anyone else with regards to this nonsense. I don't need to use half-truths or pull select excerpts from my correspondence, my motivations here are transparent and I pride myself on being someone that you can all count on and trust.

To all of you that have sent me private messages, text messages, facebook messages, called me or emailed me in support, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's been really overwhelming and unexpected and I had no idea that this situation had gotten so overblown.

To Bob,
Keep name-dropping and championing your "cause" all you like. You will be your own undoing. I'll just sit back and watch you self-destruct and you're going to be in for a harsh surprise when you realize that no one is going to be there to pick up the pieces. Good luck with your show, given the kind of guy you've exposed yourself to be it's guaranteed to be short lived.

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By ProtonCharger
looks like admitting to recasting and calling for a respected community member to be banned to me:

videobob wrote:Your right, this is 4th generation casting.
Hell, maybe more?
The original was made for the Ghosbuster's movie, then one of those pulls when to HMS to be remolded,
sold to Ross who remolded it, then to me who remolded it.
So, that's at least 3.
However if done correctly there is no reason it shouldn't come out good.
I know both Sean and I use the best materials.
I use DRAGON SKIN, which is simply the best molding material there is.

I have cut the price down to $250, which is cheaper that most any of the shells I have seen for sale.
I paid over $700 to Ross for this.
I have heard he has sold them for as much as $1000, not verified.

The main thing is this, it is a verified production mold from the original movie.
It's not as sharp and clean as some of the fan made replicas out there but if you have dealt with any
real movie props you will know that the fan made stuff is always better.
(I know MY Time Machines are better than the originals!)

I think there are certain exceptions when it comes to "re-casting".
This is a production made prop and a "Hollywood artifact".
If you are a serious fan, no matter how you feel about me, this is a cool thing to own.
videobob wrote:I know there aren't many members here yet, but that's because this is a brand new website.
I have just built it and I am just getting it set up. Just give it some time.
The users will help generate the content.

The reason I keep mentioning Sean is that no one would argue he is one of the fore most experts in Ghostbusters Proton Packs, right?
He owns a screen used pack, you know that?
He works at Dreamworks and Disney, has seen the other real packs up close and has the best photo archive and measurements of them that there is.
Now based on that HE SAYS that this IS the real deal, he has verified it and that's why he was willing to re-cast it for Ross.
To "preserve a Hollywood artifact" as he told me.

That said, your probably right that the pack has suffered quite a bit over the years of copies but it is still pretty cool and a great item
for any GB collector who wants a cool piece of memorabilia.
I have offered it for only $250 which is cheaper than most of the shells I have seen.
It is the buyers choice if they want to repair it and make it "perfect" but honestly, if you look at the screen used packs they are
not perfect and square and this is the charm of this pack.

All I ask of you and others is to judge me fairly.
If you want to label me a recaster and ban me for making this shell, please follow through with this and also ban Sean and
everyone single other people who has recast any part, found or created.

Follow the money trail.
The people who want to give me shit are people who sell what I am selling.
Pretty easy to figure out.
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By Vincenzo330
EctoDeath wrote:I'll just leave this here. Shows GBFans user Massacci endorsing Raine, Thiago, and VideoBob's methods.
That doesn't really surprise me. He's burned his bridges with basically every franchise in the Texas area so he has nowhere else to go. It's a shame that he's ended up trying to fit in with those toxic people now.

For those of you who don't know, trendkiller (Raine Moreno) was also banned yesterday for recasting. To be honest, that really upset me. Up until this whole ordeal I'd have had nothing but good things to say about him. His participation on GBFans and the quality of his builds were always a welcome addition to the community. I just wish that he had chosen more wholesome people as his friends.
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By Ron Daniels
I watched Videobob's video. I noticed in one of his messages on facebook, he mentions that "I made [Thiago] an offer he couldn't refuse." This phrase is commonly understood to mean that one is threatening to kill someone.

Did he also make such an offer to Discovery Channel? I'd hate to know one person has the ability to kill an entire network. But if such a person is out there, we need to find them immediately and ensure their wrath is unleashed upon QVC, the Longhorn Network, and on all of those "spanish" channels that get in the way of ESPN.
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By Fritz
Kingpin wrote:The owner of the Ectozone is an old friend of mine, so I've taken the opportunity to send him a PM warning him about Bob. Hopefully he'll block his access to those fans there, seeing as Bob isn't there to contribute to the Ectozone' discussion.
For the moment, I've noted the controversy and highlighted ozzy's link back to this thread. My place isn't very active, and what activity it has isn't really prop-based, so I don't think he'd get many "bites" there anyway. I will continue to watch the situation and consider it further.
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By Chace
solodarkprince wrote:, I think it would be a good idea to create a new thread that would allow both sides to CALMLY and RATIONALLY discuss this. .
Granted, I would disagree with this just on the fact that Bob has been banned from the site in general...., but did you not watch the end of his last video?

here's the url if you missed it

and here's the verbatim of the last few statements...

"Someone has a real a real problem with power and authority. And you need to get a grip on that. Dude. Because that power and authority is not gonna help you when you run into me face to face somewhere because it's eventually gonna happen and uh you can take that however you like. So you won't just be able to click and ban me out of your face, when that happens so just keep in mind that there's a thing called Karmah and what goes around comes around and there'll be NO MERCY from videobob unless I get an apology from you.and so that's just the way it is. "

Yeah...that's physical threats to AJ, Vince, and anyone "against" him.

IMO He should face criminal charges, not just a site ban.
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By Kingpin
He also complains that his account at the RPF was deleted (it wasn't, it still exists, he's simply banned). If it were deleted, I couldn't do this:

And of course, a little reminder as to why he was banned from the RPF: ... sed-118277
Ghostbuster's Proton Pack Shell - Production Screen Used? ... -a-118338/
Ghostbuster's Proton Pack Shell - Production Screen Used? - Part 2

If Bob were even a 100th of the prop builder he loves to claim he is (3 Ecto-1s! 8 Deloreans! Discovery Channel!), then he'd be able to build a Proton Pack that looked exactly like the ones from the movie, rather than rely on recasting one, and getting so many other people to do the legwork.
By renny310
Ok you guys need to check this out lol....... VideoBobs at it again........

By renny310
In his Ebay explanation of the shell it states:
As I mentioned in the above video, the story on this thing is that Sony / Universal had hired a private party to build out some stunt packs for
the actors at Universal Studios Florida back in the early 90s when they added the show to the park.
He took it to a well know prop house in California that made the molds for him.
They kept a few extra back ups for archival purposes.
They ended up selling one of these to a fan who took the shell to a well respected Ghostbuster's fan and prop maker who made a 3rd casting of the shell.
This prop maker is an expert in the subject and verified that it was in fact a real production pack by comparing it to photos of the screen used packs
that are found at locations like "Planet Hollywood" and etc.
The fan who had it made began to sell it to select people for about $700 each.
One of my friends bought one and then sold it me.
I gave the shell to one my out-sourced team members who is an expert in the field of fiberglass and we made a mold of the shell.
Because we didn't want to alter any of the original details we did not do any clean up or modifications to the the shell.

The mold is made of Smooth On's Dragon Skin, a super high detailed silicone that replicates the smallest of details, even fingerprints!
Each shell starts with a layer of "Shell Shock" which is a detailed resin material used to coat the mold, this captures all of the little details
and gives the shell a clean outside shell.
Then we apply layers of stranded fiberglass and resin into the mold into key areas to give rigidity and strength where it is needed
with attention to also try to keep it as light weight as possible.
When the shell is pulled from the mold the edges are trimmed and sanded and it is painted with Ultra-Finish gray primer.

The pack is being offered as an "out of mold" part.
When you get it you will choose which areas you will want to modify.
It will have to be your decision to sand it down and fix any particular problem areas, or keep it original.
Please be aware that there are areas that are con-vexed and appear warped, but this is how the original was.
Many fan made packs are made to be perfectly square but this is not how this shell was made.
If you chose to modify it you will want to have experience working with fiberglass and bondo.

Please be aware that there are areas that are con-vexed and appear warped, but this is how the original was.
Um.... Somehow I think not.... I would tend to believe the original had nice flat , sharp details to it. I would believe warping and a con-vex shape is due to recasting.... But I could be wrong :whatever:
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