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By Venkman's Swagger
Grabbed my second Deluxe Spengler plate from Nathan but this time added the brick wiring, Aux port and nickel finish XLR. Nathan's shipping time, communications and parts are all fantastic. Thanks for another great transaction
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By Naptime
I purchased nstevic01's deluxe Spengler plate, blue brick wiring set and auxiliary audio jack with the upgraded nickel finished XLR.


Just. Wow.

Not only was I totally impressed with the excellent craftsmanship of his work, I was impressed with Nathan's outstanding communication skills and the speed in which I received my order.

From beginning to end, this was a very positive experience for me and I will most definitely purchase from him again for future pack builds.
By S.Mac85CT
Agree with everything that's been stated. As an electrical novice I contacted home with several questions prior to making a purchase. He was very friendly, helpful, and less than 5 days from initial message I am holding my deluxe plate. He even did some custom wiring to accommodate my vent kit at no charge. Top notch stuff!
By Prefect42
Exceptional customer service!!!

I contacted Nathan with some very basic questions about the deluxe plate with all the bells and whistles. I'm utterly useless with wiring and electronics.

Nathan answered every single question in a timely and friendly manor. Even had a deluxe plate made up for me and shipped several days ahead of his original ship date.


Thanks Nathan.

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By RedSpecial
I contacted Nathan to place an order for a blue brick wiring kit.
Communication was great, he got back to me very quickly and the kit was on its way to me the next day.
It arrived at my door in the UK just five short days after it was sent.

It was well packaged and the kit itself is really nicely put together.
Great stuff!

Thanks Nathan!
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By Corey91
Got my deluxe plate, blue brick wiring, and volume control from Nathan today! Can't say enough good things about him! Quick turnaround and absolutely fast shipping. Helped me along the way with any questions I had. Again, can't recommend enough! 10/10 A+
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By obiwanjabroni
My second wiring harness arrived from Nathan today. I couldn't be happier with how quickly it came!
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By JWils23
Picked up a volume pot with a quick disconnect from Nathan recently for my build. Shipped it quickly and answered a question I had regarding clipping some of the metal parts for a more custom fit. He makes it easy for those of us who are not as electronically inclined!
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By l3w1sb159
Ordered a "custom" wiring set for a talent cell with integrated bare wires for plugging into the gbfans soundboard. Absolutely perfect and for a brilliant price.

Top notch work, toot on sir!
By gchew
Ordered a Deluxe "Crooked" Venkman plate from Nathan along with custom wiring set for Talent Cell, Volume Control and Board Electronics. The craftsmanship is top notch.

Nathan was very responsive to any inquiries that I had. Shipping was quick. Very happy with the charging plate set. Will be ordering from Nathan again for all future pack projects.

Thank you Nathan!
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By Petzrick
I've purchased two charging plates from Nathan. He's amazing. Very high quality work. Great with communication: responds quickly, listens, and can help problem solve. My only worry is that Nathan may retire some day. Where will I get a perfect plate then? (:
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By spydir
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