By Upfrontplatypus
Hi, so I've just gotten my hands on the spirit ghost trap, the one without the foot pedal, and now I'm trying to figure out how I can add a functioning foot pedal to it. I've got a coax cable and connectors for it already because I was originally going to get a Walmart trap but that ended up falling through because of eBay nonsense, so I got a spirit trap for a low price. If anyone has any ideas or other topics to point me towards I'd appreciate it, I can tolerate not having a working foot pedal on this but man it'd be nice to have one.
By joezlo
I'm working on doing this wirelessly using an RF receiver (Based on Holtzman's wireless trap mod to the 84 gear in the IDW comics) & when it's pin goes high it goes to a relay that has a separate power to activate a solenoid. The would also allow the as-is trap audio to work without modification.

The issue is, the levers in the trap that control the gears are in the open position to hold the trap doors closed. So if I want to use the solenoid to open the trap doors by pulling the levers down, somehow I have to reverse the gears direction of turn & that's where I'm stuck right now with out completely overhauling the trap.

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