Hello, you could add a pedal to either trap.... As stated in the above post, the walmart/rubie traps already have a pedal with hardware that is easily taken out and reused for a real pedal like in the movies/cartoons. I just finished my trap and it works great. Also the walmart/rubie trap doors are a little more secure (less movement) than the spirit traps, imo. I would recommend painting it and getting upgrade parts for your trap. Either make the parts yourself, get them from people on this site, and/or from the gb fan store. Oh there are tutorials on YouTube and plenty of information on this site on how to do all of this. Check out:

By joezlo
So, my intention is to keep it wireless (Ala Holtzman), using the pushbutton on the trap already, by attaching a mini push-pull solenoid to the existing mech & add a fake antenna to the back.

Make a pedal (ala RGB) that sends the rf signal to the trap to activate the electromagnet and open the doors.

I haven't decided if the pedal should wrap around the leg Holtzman style, attach to the utility belt, or attach to pack strap yet.

Of course, this is still all theoretical as I have yet to find a reasonable wireless transmitter and receiver of price and size.

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