working on my second pack, this time I went with a ninjatunes kit bc it had the LED ring style cyclotron lights.

I'm having trouble finding a Powercell frame for the ninjatunes powercell LED board and lens. Has anyone seen one/modeled one? I've checked the regular sources (thingiverse, thangs, the NJT forum on FB) with no luck.

uurf wrote: February 29th, 2024, 6:05 pm The second one is for a motherboard-mounted power cell board; looking for one mounted in the power cell.

I bought the files for the other boards. :)
Ah I see, if you're mounting the lights in the shell that's a bit different. Which shell do you have?

I have one which I used on a 3D printed ratpakjr pack but it probably won't fit in any other shell, and it was designed for an LED strip rather than a ninjatunes board. My Q-pack build has all electronics mounted to the motherboard, I found it too annoying having some in the shell and some on the motherboard.

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