A fascinating find. Concept illustrations and notes from Kirsten Franson, the artist who designed the Afterlife proton pack including the cyclotron interior.

It appears that she was also responsible for the PKE additions. Very cool to see that the top most PKE wing LED lights up blue when taser mode is engaged. I wonder if this was how it was in the film, and if so, if Hasbro knows.

Also, apparently she named the centre (dormant) Red LED mode: "Semi Alert- (Entity velocity mode)". I.e. the chess scene in AF when the PKE lights up while in the centre red LED mode.

She named te Green (right) LED mode: "Full Alert- (Spectral Particle Density) mode".
The Yellow (left) LED mode isn't listed.

Also it seems like the scene where Egon's ghost fixes the ignition cable in the Ecto-1 was originally supposed to be a scene where Egon's ghost connected cables inside the proton pack.

I think they may have realized that a long cable like that would not fit into the small cyclotron area.

Very cool to see that she came up with the idea of the red master switch. Also it seems that the first idea was to put it near the powercell, which is kind of where Egon's hand goes in the scene. The final location; right under the ion arm is the best place for it though in my opinion.

I'm also noticing that originally she looked at the '84 wear on the finger grip on the wand (brown color) and made the whole finger grip worn down brown, before deciding that it might as well be a shotgun wooden grip replacement. So cool to see!

You can right click and open as to see much larger versions.

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