Hello, everyone! I figured I’d make a post discussing the new “Frozen” props in the new movie, Id like to delve into the components of the new pack. This topic is generating a lot of interest on Facebook, so I thought it would be great to continue the conversation here. Please, don't hesitate to share your thoughts and anything you notice
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Okay well, I'll start. It ends with the new team in the red jackets. The first thing I noticed is the Nutrona wand barrels are metal now. About a quarter-size round and looks to be about 2-3 inches in length. Also yellow metal behind the black heat sink on the wands as well. The packs have black/yellow striping next to the power cell. Also noticed in that scene that the ion arm seems to be missing (stunt pack?).

There was another spot of a pack that had a t-shaped yellow bumper (someone on a Facebook group dubbed it a thong). Maybe a T-bumper is more appropriate.

I'm going to dig more into the trailer later tonight and see what else I find out.
jonogunn wrote: November 8th, 2023, 5:15 pm i wonder if there are different sizes. the pack Pheobe is wearing looks like it's scaled to her size
In "Afterlife", actress McKenna Grace is lugging around a full-sized pack, 1:1 scale according to prop master, Ben Eadie. He even helped her in-between takes by holding it up, behind her.
Granted, the new hero packs don't weigh 40+ pounds each, but she still wore a 1:1 scale pack.
The proton guns look smaller too.

The PPD is now grey/silver. The new bumper bottom bracket isn't center either, just slightly off center.

Beelowgonha wrote: November 8th, 2023, 4:46 pm Ive also found that phoebe is wearing haslab proton pack straps in a couple scenes instead of the straps that usually come on an Alice frame, but no one else seems to have this kind of modification
Some are claiming (based on a poorly-lit partial angle photo of the little showing behind her) that she's actually wearing a HasLab pack, not just the straps. I... don't see it.
I was already customising my haslabs pack to be more unique, and seeing the wide range of differing equipment in this new trailer is a boon for those of us wanting to do our own things. It's practically canon now haha.
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Totally. I just bought a Dremel and I'm going to be replacing the cyclotron on my life size spirit pack. I want to find a way to make the bumper removable like the haslab pack so I can eventually get the Frozen Empire bumper. That and the new power cell strips give me RGB vibes
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Mercifull wrote: November 9th, 2023, 1:29 am One thing is for certain... 84 style ribbon cables!
I kinda wish they had gb2 ribbon cables just because they are cheaper to buy lol
Agreed 100 percent.

I bought a GB 2 style ribbon cable for my HasLab pack over a year ago, and it was only $8 shipped via eBay.
Looks like some of the social media influencers are allowed to talk about the promotion they did, along with better pics of the packs!

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Those are awesome pics. What the hell is going on with that ion arm though?

Also that line of vertical plugs behind the ppd, does it look like the ribbon cable is getting split and going into some of those now? It's giving 24pin pc motherboard connector vibes now.

Edit: Yea it definitely is, very interesting, I dig it.

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MrVigilante wrote: November 9th, 2023, 9:44 am Where did those come from??
Thanks for finding them
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daunove wrote: November 9th, 2023, 10:07 am New barrel shroud or sleeve reminds me of the barrel attachment on the MOD blaster. Also looks like there is a red illuminated scope or something on the right rear of the gun body? Hand warmer maybe :)
Here's another close-up:

What's everyone feeling about these drastic changes to the PP? I like it in that it's interesting to see what it looks like. But also that the original PP is now even more iconic than it was before. Being the OG. My own favorite is still the AF version as I believe that one kind of fleshed it out more in a subtle way.

There is only so much you can do to the 84 PP (AF: filling out empty places, accenting the ribbon cable with a neon cable sleeve, etc.) before you get into the territory of changing it drastically, as they appear to have done here.

These new changes appear to be very drastic. What's everyone's opinion?



Wow, if that's it I'm surprised. Hate to sound pessimistic but that just doesn't look right. So bottom heavy. Narrow at the top. It's not balanced like the 84 or AF. But obviously I'll give it time to get used to it (going by the matching details from the trailer that really looks to be it), but it's gonna be tough. Looks a bit like a giant Fisher Price Proton Pack.
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I don't think they're "drastic." Drastic would be a complete overhaul, whereas here there are a few changes (let's be honest, the iron arm sticking out was a pain in the booty for traveling and going through doors). Some color changes, and I'm going to safely assume these changes are to battle the new baddie considering we see Finn Wolfhard use the classic pack in a short scene in the trailer.
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