Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what may be causing this. I have a GBfans amplified sound board, a GBfans cyclotron kit and a GBfans wand and light kit. I also have a Pyle 6.5" Three-Way Sound Speaker that is only 4ohms.

I have everything connected and all of my dip switches set appropriately. Everything works as it should however there is always a SPLIT SECOND to SECOND when toggling on any of the wand switches or firing either the black intensify button or red ear button when the lights and sounds don't sync up.

It's brief but noticeable. I'll press a button, for example, intensify. The light will come on for a split second, THEN the sound will play.

Is this because of my speaker? should I put my gbfans 8ohms shielded speaker back in my pack?

Thank you for the help in advanced!

Any help would be awesome. My pack has been finished for about a month but I still can’t figure out why there’s a delay. The lights don’t match the speaker sound timing.

I keep seeing tests of the wand kit where the activate switch will toggle on and there is sound immediately with lights. I switch mine on and lights go on, then a split second to a second later, sound comes on. What. The. Heck?
Almost sounds like an SD Card read issue, like it's taken a split second too long to read the data from the card after getting the "play" signal. I know I had similar issues with my custom pack soundboard until I upgraded to a higher quality (faster) SD card.

Just checking, is it the same SD card which came with the audio board, and if so have you made any changes to it (ie plugged it into a computer and uploaded new files or customised anything)?

It could be caused by something entirely different but to me this seems like the most likely culprit.

Also, did you try your idea of temporarily switching back to the gbfans speaker? I wouldn't have thought that would cause issues but it's worth ruling these things out sometimes.
Thank you so much for the reply! I did switch back to the GBfans speaker but had the same issue. I don't think it's the ohms. The sd card is a new card that is actually faster than the one that came with the board. I experimented with the original files with the original card, and I made some mods to certain sounds on the new card. They both have the same delay. Neither is faster or slower. It almost seems like the speaker is just not connecting fast enough when any of the switches are fired. Again, thank you so much for the help!
You could download the SD card files again and copy them over just to make sure they're OK, the files are available for download here: https://www.gbfans.com/shop/electronics ... und-board/

If it was an issue with the speaker I think the start of the sounds would be cut off rather than delayed. Amplifiers don't buffer audio, they just play it back in real time. I'm not sure if that's what's happening though.
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I definitely think that's the issue. "The GBfans lights and sound board are just not as responsive as other lights and sound boards." It's not a super big deal but I may replace them with a Rabid Prototypes or a ninjatunes2001 in the future. Also, any one else notice the GBFans switches are very flimsy compared to even the Hasbro wand switches. I'm not sure if the GBfans switches are screen accurate in size and I know the Hasbro ones are a little bigger but the Hasbro switches feel much more solid.

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