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By dantonvfx
Hey guys,

I was wondering if we could do a Master Guide about Painting, what are the best recomended Paint job for the Proton Pack: Spirit Pack/3DPrinted/Custom Build.

-What is the best Primer to use?
-DO you guys use a Metal Paint after the Primer and before the Black so you cna scratch blakc parts out?
-If previous is Yes, What type of Metal Paint?
-What Type of Black Paint do you recommend?
-What about the Small component parts, Like the golden cable/hose connectors, or Metalic parts?
-Any sealer after the Black paint?
-WHat about Weathering? What type of paint and "tools/brushes" do you guys Use?

I hope this can help me an others into the Repaint/Paint of their Proton packs :D


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