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By angelus0313
I am trying to figure out something, as I have a GBfans wand kit, but I cannot figure out how to get the wand tip to light up when firing.

I've gone through the test mode for the board, as it lights up in test mode and cycles the RGB, but I cannot get it to light up. I've checked the drip switches and the wires running to the board but for what ever reason cannot get them light up outside this one situation. Also got into some mode where if I held the red ear light in song mode the RGB would pulse with the music, but when I let go it would stop, I could not find this mode in the instructions on the gbfans.

Any help is welcome thanks.
tobycj wrote: November 25th, 2021, 11:34 am By "wand tip" do you mean the RGB light that goes at the base of the clear tube at the end of the wand? Can you clarify exactly how your dip switches are set up?
Yes, the rgb light at is at the base of the clear tube is what I referring to. My dip switches atm is set to all off except for 5 that set to on. The potentiometer is set to dead center, the flat spot on it facing straight up.

Thought my testing I did set it to the TVG mode, but the rgb light would not light up even when changing blast modes and firing. Also have noticed that when my pack goes into "vent" mode the vent light does not light up except when I manually turn it on and off with the corresponding switch in movie mode. While when I begin to fire with the black button it goes off and does not come back on unless I totally power cycle the pack and the wand kit then manually turn it back on with the switch for it to do the same thing.

There are some other odd things for after I posted i watched the demo vids on youtube and noticed when I shutdown my wand it just goes into standby mode instead of powering off.

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