Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
By ArthurMccarthy
Hi all, are there any anime or even live action fans here? Let’s share about your favorite and bias in this post :D
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By dantonvfx
I would recommend Dragon Quest The Dventure of Dai.

It was my fvaourite Anime/Manga in the 90s (over Drgaon Balll, and Dragon Ball for me is GOD) but they left the anime unfinished in the best moment. Last year they did a Remake form scratch and this time its gonna adapt the full Manga. I trully recommend this Jewel. You cna watch it on Crunchiroll or Hulu, no english Dub yet, but the Manga will be published by Viz in Spring 2022.

As for my favourite shows since I have memory:

-Dragon Ball
-Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai
-Detective Conan
-Ranma 1/2

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