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The Vector Frame is on the side of the Ghost Trap and on the pedal of the Ghost Trap.
the frame below is used on stunt traps and a all successor gb2 traps

Trap Side Wall Vector Frame

The Vector Frame on the Ghost Trap is used to hold the CAL-R resistor, which is then put on to the side cosmetic plating of the Ghost trap which also has the teardrop knob and warning sticker. The Vector Frame here is measured to be 2 in. by 3-1/2 in. and screwed into the trap using 4 countersunk 4-40 Allen cap screws on the outside wall. This part was likely used as an additional heat sink for the resistor offering a larger surface area for cooling.

Ghost Trap Pedal Vector Frame

The Vector Frame on the Ghost Trap pedal (which is used to open and close the trap) is used as the actual pedal that someone would step down on to open and close the trap. The plate was altered by having the first outermost channel cut off both ends. It is hinged on the one end and sits up on top of a spring bellow .The frame would have likely been used for grip and looks, like in a car with a gas pedal. The Frame measures out to be 3 in. by 6-1/2 in. and is either screwed into a metal plate, or is by itself. a cut up version of this plate is used as the side plate for the cal-r resistor on the hero trap

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